HAVING COMPETENCE – In Personal Insecurities and Ambivalences…

In life, and this new era of “moral deficiency” from family, friends and foe’s with nefarious and hubris intent (haters)—we owe it to ourselves to be very cognizant of the—so called  “barbarians at our gates”…for they pose a very “clear and present danger”!  Moral bankruptcy is depleting polite societies, across the globe, of their core moral values. Moral “due diligence” is an absolute necessity!

Ladies and gentleman—it’s imperative that our society, as a whole, learn to read personal intuitions better: than that which we have in the past! The world has entered an era where former traditions and core values are being challenged: on levels, many polite societies, can’t begin to possibly comprehend or fathom! To state that these are difficult, dynamic, and deleterious times…are an understatement! To not adhere to one’s own “E. I.” (emotional intelligence) is not only irresponsible…but perilous in a sense. Fear factors—or rather “the real truth” are the usual suspects: which seems to be prompting many in, our society, to ignore discernments that seem to nag at their gut—most know this as instincts. This, also, is where our life experiences and critical thinking are paramount! Have great competence in what most of our society denotes as “insecurities”—that is your gut instinct or E.I. employing your insight to pay attention! Having ambivalence, of any kind, during these trying times is simply a matter of personal negligence and peril.

In a word—take a moment to reproach your insecurities. Never recoil from your uneasiness, or dismiss issues that nag at your gut. Having, or rather, developing stronger “COMPETENCE” in your insecurities simply means you are giving credibility to your intuitions and reliance upon your own judgments. In addition, reading, relying on, and enhancing our gut instincts can be extremely empowering and motivating.  Moreover, one asserts more control over his or her own decision-making process—which, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is intellectually, emotionally, and socially liberating! That said—the next time anyone dares to say to you, or challenge your, alleged, insecurities be bold, brazen, and bullish…OWN IT!  The more competence polite societies have in their insecurities the better their ability to properly read and assess any emotional intel or intuition. By embracing these attributes with confidence we can better control how the moral deficits of others affect our lives—thus turning, so-called, insecurities into valuable and powerful tools of pure personal strengths, as well as, pearls of wisdom!



THE CLARITY OF OBJECTIVE THOUGHT: Having Confidence In One’s Own Independence…

CONFIDENCE IN YOUR PERSONAL INDEPENDENCE, IN LIFE, IS A MUST! However—know this—your personal independence can not exist without clarity of objective thoughts (one must realize the true meaning of independence). In order to have such confidence one must have an inherent sense of self preservation and determination, in life and living!

Independence”, as once described in the movie “Now Voyager”—is simply “self-reliance” upon one’s own judgement…by interpretation, of course! Too often–social and polite societies hear the term independence and minds automatically reference the state of being independent to financial and professional success . Though the mentioned attributes are coherently relatable and congruent…they are not finite. To rely upon one’s own judgment is a personal act of perseverance and defiance, as well as, challenging yourself to exercise your own individuality. Inherently speaking—self-reliance and independence are the bedrock of inner strength, self-confidence, and most of all one’s own critical thinking!

To delve even deeper psychologically, I believe it is fair to say, that self-reliance is the truest ally of independence. Why…you may ask? The answer is simple, because one cannot exist without the other. In order for any individual to be truly independent he or she must rely heavily upon their own inner voice, personal resolve: and most of all their implicit ability to stand, act, and respond to life challenges and situations alone. The stronger and deeper embedded, within us, our self-reliance the more intrinsic the ability to “critically think” for one’s self. Being that independence and self-reliance are not finite: it is not only rational but imperative that we as individuals do not acquiesce our innate abilities intellectually, mentally, socially, and emotionally into states of being subservient. That said—exercise strongly your individuality, commonality, adaptability, non-conventional behaviors, and of course, defiance of obstacles and life limitations. Independence and self-reliance are your inanimate “Sword and Shield” against the world—Be “The Masters of Your Fate, and Captain’s of Your Soul” always!

Remember: “The Route Most Famous Gets You There (your destination) Faster…Not Better!

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This past weekend we laid to rest one of the Lowe and McKinney family’s patriarchs—-who must and shall always be known—to all the family and friends—as our own “MADIBA” (the High Village Chief). Yes—-Lonnie Lowe was our own “Mandela”: when it came to life, love, and wisdom. He was not a gentleman and scholar—no….not MADIBA. Instead—-Uncle Lonnie was a “Rhodes Scholar” of life, love, loss, survival, wisdom, and pthe world! Our MADIBA had a smile that, literally, stopped you in your tracks. Because, it was his smile of approval (you were accepted). This meant you were on his good side, as well.. However, that snarky smirk of his—-meant keep your distance from his personal space: both physically and mentally! He had those instincts and vibes which made the rest of us feel as though we were, rank, amateurs at life and living. Beyond any shadow of doubt—our beloved uncle and patriarch earned the title of “Village Chief”…and then some! That said— it is no wonder that so many—from our home town village—-are still struggling from this loss. The pain and void in our hearts shall leave, the village, of his loved ones and friends, feeling as if they were “casualties of his war” from his battle and struggle with cancer—-the silent predator and beast, and carnivore of the living…real talk!

Ladies and gentlemen—- you can never know or hold loss—-only feel it. Let it be known…that the passing of our beloved MADIBA has changed the entire dynamic and dichotomy of the way we all will live out the rest of our lives, going forward. The village is, and shall become more empowered—than ever to live and love unconditionally.

Long time villagers and friends are now members of the family—- astranged and distant family members are coveted by the legacy Uncle Lonnie has left behind. We can thank the High Chief for that. Rather our villagers acknowledge the facts or not, Uncle Lonnie’s homecoming has strengthened his beloved family’s core and respect for one another—-more than ever! That is why we shall always refer to him, and the memory of Mr. Lonnie Lowe Sr as our village High Priest—-and of course—-“MADIBA” with mad love and great adulation!

Afterall—-I feel and know I was one of his favorite niece’s… I need that for my own peace of mind and Spirit. Which is why I say unto MADIBA…