On my first night’s visit to the cabin—an omnipotent sunset of yellow; orange, red; and that country powder blue; lowered itself into the bosom of the ridges and smokies of Asheville North Carolina. He lowered himself the likes of a newborn baby—-laying itself to rest for a long nights sleep. The sweet mellow song of the leafy trees; aroma of nature: accompanied by the parade of cedar rocking chairs—-slowed the heartbeat of the cabin’s occupants: to a more amiable and blissful beat (we were in awe). The ambiance of that night was such an emotional, and enticing “Midnight Summer’s Dream! We would have been remiss…not to lose ourselves. By our own acquiescence, we were now Asheville’s captives of nature—-we weekenders fleeing the hustle and bustle of our city lives. Those majestic mountain peaks gave way to the milieu of wood burning porch fires; bottomless carafes of white and red wine; single malt Scotches and rare Bourbons—-and of course—-the decadence of the mystic mischief dancing off the chill of that first evening. Accompanying the red and yellow ambers from both the upstair’s and downstair’s fireplaces; fire; soulfully warming porch heater—-gave way to passions that had lain dormant for months—-were now stirring the air. Yes—the cabin at Dreamworks court did just that…MAKE THE DREAM WORK!!!

Think about it a moment—only developers of genuine southern romance and building genius could ever conger such lofty high-end country living. Asheville is a place where old-world cliche’s and twenty-first nuances merge (on purpose)! The cabin on the corner lot—-would be no exception to this rule! Her breathtaking scenic views—-along with her swanked up wrap around verandas—-truly appeared to be the most majestic of them all! Shakespeare—himself—-would be rendered speechless; to find that not even he could put pen to paper to describe this cabin’s magnetic romanticism. In addition, her beautifully designed brother and sister cabins seemed to purge themselves from that North Carolina soil—with a much longed for—-provintial southern style and grace. Whereas—-the cabin on the corner lot—-resurrected itself from that sweet Blue Ridge mountain soil—-the likes of an enchanted dream straight into the deaths of that unspoiled patch of earth! As a constant visitor to Ashville—I must admit that the cabin at DreamWorks court—-erected itself from the most seductive depths of the builders dream—-back into that patch of North Carolina earth with a most spectacular and wondrous vengeance for life!

That same night—the moon would be no different as it appeared to eject itself through the darkening sky—-with an uncanny enchanting euphoria and arrogance! The millions of stars; no exaggeration in thought there; appeared as an audience of playful voyeurs—- stoking the egos of their playful and naughty weekenders. Imagine…if you will…the captivating allure from the applauses and winks; set off by a million stars. These stars were hanging so low in the sky; it felt like an adult Disney World…only sexier! Dreamworks court is a most befitting name for that swanky and private cul-de-sac of sumptuous and lofty cabins—-because for many of her visiting weekenders; like myself—-That Enchanted Dream Just Seemed To Damn Work!