Month: March 2018

OPERATION “NIGHT MIXER” – Carnal Maneuvers Of The Soldier Who Lives By The Lake…(Book Blurb & Trailer Launch)

The “NIGHT MIXER” was the quintessential connoisseur of sultry and soulful rhythm & blues; carnal sensitivities; and primal instincts. As for the Southern Belles with whom he engaged—the gentleman gave the quarter of his protection, tenderness, and love. Within their lives Mr. “Night Mixer” became that quintessential; unattainable; lifelong torment. Most notably—the experience of the primal know knowledge which once shocked their modesties—were sacredly secured in a place where not even “Seal Team Six” could ever rescue them!

OUR “ELLE OF THE BALL” – Lust, Love & Mayhem At The 2003 Republican Fundraiser… (Abridged #Book 1 Vol: l)

“Elle Of The Ball” notoriously became the “RUNAWAY LOVER OF THE YEAR’ that infamous night—amongst all the millionaire/billionaire donors; “pomp & circumstance!” She could run to the ends of the earth—-yet it would not have been far enough—-because Mr. Segretti Inc would not stop until she was his, and of course….safe and secure.