Month: May 2018

“LATE TO THEIR PARTY” – The Ambivalence Of Repressed Destinies…. (Abridged Chapter Sample)

“Mr. Chips” was considered one of Georgia’s most eligible millionaire bachelors: being a no nonsense lover type and all. The southern gentleman was destine to meet the woman who would change and challenge, all, his relationship preconceptions—and old world cliche’s of life. However, he would have to fight the good fight to capture her, and put both their ambivalences of commitment; monogamy; and libertinism to bed…for good! Sable-Ann, was the quintessential “it girl”, and she knew it. When it came to “Mr. Chips” and love Sable-Ann was not about to play fair—-not until she would essentially—-“close the deal”….consequences be damned!


ALL HAIL THE ONE—- Lady Ashleigh “The It Girl” Who Closed The Deal…

Mr. “You Can Have Whatever You Like”…was finally off the Sugar Daddy market! As the word spread, in every code, on both the east and west coast a loud thud resounded loudly! It was hundreds of Sugar Babes fainting on the floor: in total awe and disbelief! The Scandalous Lady Ashleigh had closed the deal…with a shiney new black highend Acura; oceanic view condo; personal money market account; and her Sugar Daddy’s heart and love, as closing incentives.