Month: February 2019


My desks are so cluttered with writing stuff, that I have moved now to the kitchen table. Ultimately, I will return back to the desk, but when I am upstairs it is easier to listen to music which sparks ideas and words from my brain. Writers must write wherever they feel most inspired. I have learned that moving about from place to place, within the house, has helped my writing to actually evolve. And Lord knows I could use a great deal of that! Smiling.

Moreover, when seeing all my ideas and papers spread about I can pull deeper from within myself to make the written words make sense. We all have our own manners and ideas about what motivates our written words. Sometimes, I believe it’s great to share with others about my writing journey. You never know who or whom will find my words inspiring, or at the very least comforting. At the end the day, however, I believe Mr. Shelley said it best…

“Without and audience ideas are mere words on paper!” (Persey Byss Shelley)


“LATE TO THEIR PARTY” – The Ambivalence Of Repressed Destinies…. (Abridged Blurb–Sample)

“Mr. Chips” was considered one of Georgia‚Äôs most eligible millionaire bachelors: being a no nonsense lover type and all. The southern gentleman was destine to meet the woman who would change and challenge, all, his relationship preconceptions—and old world cliche’s of life. However, he would have to fight the good fight to capture her, and put both their ambivalences of commitment; monogamy; and libertinism to bed…for good! Sable-Ann, was the quintessential “it girl”, and she knew it. When it came to “Mr. Chips” and love Sable-Ann was not about to play fair—-not until she would essentially—-“close the deal”….consequences be damned!