“IGNITED BONES” – AN AIRBORNE RANGER’S Departing Words…Girly, I Will Try To Fix You (Abriged Blurb)


Sable-Ann laid sideways the bed as the tears slowly begin streaming down her face. She was hurt by Bobby Glen’s remark: it was one in a long line of cynical responses that went straight through her like an arrow to her heart…not because she was in love or anything of that nature, at the beginning of their repartee’ she was terribly fond of him: yet always treated like she as if she were his emotional advisory! She often wondered if there were moments when he absolutely disdained and resented her—not for the woman she was, but the manner in which she expressed her feelings so confidently and openly in regards to himself. The gentleman constantly found him, secretly, in the unwanted and unfamiliar intellectually charged emotional territory: and the blowback was hurdled towards Ms. Sable Ann with great vigor and often indifference! Unexplainably, for whatever reason, she represented something from his past that he treated with absolute disdain and a level of cynicism the likes this sultry vixen had ever experienced! Reflection, at the juncture, was not only warranted…it would be an absolute necessity if she were to venture forward!

Sable –Ann and Bobby Glen were like vinegar and oil… Neither of them would be lovers would ever blend well; however, together they still could make a very fiery and tasty mix—–which perhaps was the element which drew them together initially. Sable-Ann had the heart of a lion when needed, and the soul of a christened lamb, that Bobby Glen had not come across in a lady for years. She possessed within her a type of Southern traditionalism that he knew and recognized immediately! A part of Robert hungered to become far more carnal and possibly deeply intimate with those attributes
within her—even if it meant cracking the amour (his armor)! Unfortunately, he had no idea that fate would replace Cupid’s arrow with an oozy—and vice versa!

After the tears slowly begin to dry Sable Ann grabbed the bed railings and held them tightly: because she had that sickening feeling deep within her stomach. Sable was beginning to feel sick about the way she felt towards Robert; those emotions had begun to torment the vixen. The emotions slowly began cascading after that one night—-the one night neither lover could ever take back…nor give to any other (the emotional and intellectual binding of two very tormented and tumultuous spirits)! When examined far more closely—-its one salaciously heady catalyst! The irony there, in retrospect, is Bobby Glen took the initiative himself to give special quarter to the vixen while she was in his care—-and special care she received!

Robert and his sultry Sable arrived at a startling revelation that night—–travel into the darkness sexually was no longer an option on the table. It was that same darkness which revealed to the two lover’s that any inkling or idea that either party would “feast or famine” sexually was a concept they could no longer hide behind or entertain. Moreover, rather the two acknowledged it or not—-both their jugulars were exposed (hence that proverbial rabbit- hole.

Sable -Ann was down the same rabbit-hole, only closer to the light at the top. Bobby Glen was oblivious to two very pertinent facts when it came to the vixens demands of him: each time he conceded—-too see her—-be with her intimately—-he empowered her mentally emotionally. With that growing strength, Sable-Ann inched her way closer to the top of that rabbit-hole. Perhaps his shortsightedness could have been attributed to his pre-occupation with the constant watch of his intellectual and emotional barricades —-not even “Seal-Teal Six” was going to breach its perimeter. Sable Ann innately understood this theoretically; however, emotionally it bogged and plagued her to some degree. She only wanted halfway with him…not the “zero sums” game that the women in his past tried to execute, and failed to close the deal. Realist or not the sultry vixen was human!

Though she had no stake in running off into the sunset with Robert, deep down under, she wished the two could stop the mental and emotional sparring to catch a sunset or two: while in the company of one another. The longing to live in that moment seems to oddly strengthen her resolve: as others very close in her fold warned to let go of him because he was not of their world. True to form however, her battle friend stood behind her judgment with one statement and warning. “You know who and what “Mr. Goodbar” (nickname for Bobby) is, and you know your own threshold for tolerance… proceed with caution”!

Sable’s click could have warned her …cautioned her…until they were all blue in the face—-that woman was going her own way regardless! Her resolved towards Bobby became more taboo to those close in the circle—- “the group” as they refer to themselves, really did not get it: and wanted her more ambivalent when it came to any further engagement or interaction with Mr. Robert. This left Sable obsessed and determined to go her own way! However, that is the part of her life she purposely ensured that the gentleman would never become privy too──Robert that is! Sable found “the groups” initial distaste for him rather distasteful her because it was based purely on the fact that this gentleman was not a considered a “Shark” or “Corporate” hard ass──little did, they know of the real “son-of-a-bitch that lay dormant beneath the surface! Bobby was, in their eyes…an Alabama “blue-collar” redneck! Sable’s battle-buddy knew instinctively──this was her type deep down under, and nothing would ever change that. It was simply one of those unspoken secrets the two carried between them. Mr. Robert was none the wiser…or was he!
Unfortunately, Sable-Ann would learn the unmitigated truth about the real Bobby-Glen she had become so smitten with. He would rapidly emerge as her most formidable sexual, intellectual, and philosophical love interest/protagonist to date──and this included LTC “Christian”! This Alabama──Boy would never relent, and preconceived in his mind that he would not stop until he completely dominated her via a series of psychological games of “chicken”!

In the end, nonetheless, the “cardinal sin” would not be in being had──it would be in being taken! In the case of Sable-Ann, nonetheless, the “brutal taskmaster” in her would tactically overcome Robert’s sexual and intellectually unfiltered power he gained over women, and her for that matter. Psychologically, however, that pragmatic “son-of-a-bitch” or rather “iron-clad will” of his would, literally, take them both down depths of that quintessential “rabbit-hole” to the dark side!


On the day Bobby-Glen and Sable-Ann decided to meet initially──there was not a cloud in the sky: over a hundred-mile radius. The southern gentleman sat ever so patiently in his vehicle for the sultry vixen of his


COVER MODEL REVEAL FOR: *IGNITED BONES* – An Airborne Ranger’s Story & Departing Words…”Girly I Will Try To Fix You”…(RELEASE DATE: 31AUG19)



PROLOGUE – “I Will Try To Fix You”I believe Coldplay said it best—-within one of their, great, lyrical songs duly named—-“Fix You”! The words go straight to the point— “and the tears come streaming down your face: when you lose something you can’t replace.” Wow…how many of us have, not only felt this, but lived it? They got it right…think about it—-“I promise you I will learn from my mistakes” ….” the lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones…and I will try to FIX YOU!” DAMN—enough said! How those words are so reflective of life, truth, realness…and…of course…love!” Major Glen— and his Sable-Ann would permanently engrain those words upon the history of their, tumultuous, love affair…forever!


In a flash—the ‘tete-a-tete’ between two dominants (Major Glen and Stella-Ann) began with stark vitriolic discourse—only to end with the quintessential….”You Son Of A Bitch….You had better dress right dress yourself!” Of course, it was in retort to the Officer’s overt and spiteful rhetoric as he exited his lover’s boudoir….”YOU FUCKING HATEFUL BITCH”…he spewd, pissed as hell! But don’t you worry, because…Girly I will try to fix you!” While slamming shut the patio doors to her boudoir, as he called himself walking out of her life. Just like that their fiery twist was over. However, the last question circulating in that fire charred space was…were they really finished…or just beginning? The latter seemed the most probable victor. That is how emotional and passionate Tete-A-Tete’s between dominants; neurotics; and control freaks in love begin (soldier types especially).


Sable-Ann laid sideways the bed—as salted tears streamed down her face. Undoubtedly— the bewildered beauty was torn; angered; and distraught. Wounded and dazed by the words that reverberated from a heated lovers quarrel (they two fire breathing dragons). This time wasn’t the same old ordinary argument—not by any means! The vitriol ,spewed between the two lovers, filled the spaces of Sable-Ann’s boudoir with pure unadulterated disdain (from every corner the room). Again, the now, ambivalent beauty was trapped in a place far too familiar and uncomfortable for her—that emotional quagmire of a place—recognized by most neurotics as—- uncertainty and the dark space. (she wasn’t alone).Nonetheless—the literal…sucking of the air out of the room…could not be helped. Bobby Glen’s remarks (her tormented lover, trusted-agent, and confidant) earlier that evening—as he departed her condo in a fiery rage—were unforgiveable! His words and venom were like a jagged edged knife, and they cut deep into old wounds! Those, sacred and protected, scars had lain quiet for nearly four year—–before the gentleman’s rant. Sable-Ann felt as if she had been “gut punched”…and out flanked. Yes…the confrontation between the two star-crossed lovers was truly the, proverbial, clashing of two neurotic and narcissistic dominants—something would have to give in the end, however! The only question lingering—in that dark and airless room—was which neurotic would concede to other first?The gentleman’s retort, concerning his discontentment with the status of their relationship, would be one in a long line of cynical responses—which traveled straight through his lover and dark obsession—the likes of pure battery acid. His angst towards Sable-Ann, often, cut him like a poisoned arrow to his heart, as well. The gentleman was helpless to feel any other way. It was not because either lover was deep in love…no…not at that point. You see—in the beginning of their affair, Sable-Ann was terribly fond of him, and vice versa. Yet—Bobby always treated her as if she were his emotional and intellectual nemesis.

Truth be known—that proud Georgia Bulldog, secretly, obsessed over her—even as he slept, so to speak. His only remedy would be to own her first—-quite aware that his lust offensive would be met with sheer resistance. Sable-Ann is the consummate antagonist: and she knew it, of course.In fact, Sable-Ann, its safe to say, was Bobby’s dark “precotious torment” emotionally. Oh, make no mistake, that boy wanted her most desperately! No woman could set his soul and loins on fire…the likes of that sultry vixen (Sable-Ann)! However, Bobby-Glen, being the realist, that he knew himself to be—assessed, dead on; that Sable would never settle for the coverted “deep throat” lifestyle his occupation would demand of her. Which, by far, was already the “wrong answer”, in that contemporary beauty’s point of view (she was proud and stubborn)! Sable-Ann took nothing off anyone, and Bobby-Glen handsome and sexy or not…was “no exception to the rules“…none! That girl was her own woman…with a set of brassy balls to boot! Plus—to “throw fuel on the fire”—Bobby resented her urban jetsetter lifestyle. That southern gent and Georgia boy never hesitated to let her know his distaste for that…”city slicker lifestyle of hers”…he would often scoff towards her! Why? The answer is simple. The narcissist and control freak within him could not accept the fact that he had a, great deal, of competition for his lovers’ attention and affections.


“A UNINTENDED NEEDFUL THING’ – The Vetting & Unmasking Of Untold Wants By An Officer and Gentleman… (Abridged Excerpt)

When looking through the prism of infidelity all behaviors are inherently congruent──the offenders tend to live in, and for the moments. The players (no point intended) often find the allure of, clandestine, affairs enigmatic and obstreperous. Hey, the more chaotic and out of control the infidelity—the deeper and more regal the hunt for the alleged and elusive passion, or rather…”the fix”. This mixture is often as toxic as it is intoxicating: with the latter the usual victor.

The gravest misconception, by polite societies, is that lover’s who enter into these unions turn to one another out of childish indignations. Nothing──and I mean nothing could be further from the truth! Most often, an estranged husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or fiancée’ will turn to one another for everything and anything that is essentially missing from their lives intellectually, socially, and of course physically. The convictions and core values of the lovers are no match for the “laws of attraction”. This is why most who commit adultery and infidelity on, above, and beyond this level feed off the mental and emotional rush from their tryst…like primal animals. The conspirators will express that these impulses are simply their mental and emotional salvation…thus becoming indeed, in their peculiar psyche, one of “life’s such needful things”!

That said—I am often reminded of a couple, dear to me long ago; who were well nestled deep within the South Georgia suburb of McDonough. This couple was two desperate souls: unhappy, unloved, and disenchanted by their lives (both inherently oblivious to the other). The gentleman nor the lady were, mentally, aware of just how seriously they were “leading lives of quiet desperations”. One “an Officer and a Gentleman,” of sorts. A Colonel in the United States Army Reserve: stationed in Atlanta on active duty status. “An Officer and Gentleman” destined for military greatness, that is! The distinguished gent was no ordinary officer: a man of honor, grace, and impeccable integrity who served four tours in the Middle East. The last of what many other inferior and younger officers called “THE NOTORIOUS FROZEN MIDDLE”: because officers of his caliber were immovable! Frozen Middle to them…pure unadulterated selfless heroes to their countrymen, and grateful nation!

His humble demeanor fooled those on the outside looking in, very covertly. Make no mistake about it this particular Officer was an “old iron horse” those close to him knew it best! The Colonel existed daily to serve his country to the fullest of his capability…”no if’s, and’s, or but’s. However, his torment and longing was never worn on his face for the world. As with many men of honor he hid his personal angst and yearning away for the world—literally to his own detriment. The Officer suffered the most severe headache, and health issues, but shut them down when in front of the world. This was just his way: but the dedicated service to his country was coming at the too high and too grave of a cost physically and mentally!

Financially, however, all things were to the contrary concerning the officer’s personal economy───the, then light Colonel, who at that time would later ascend to “Full Bird Colonel” status, was a man of extraordinary means (soft millionaire). However, he had the wherewithal not to be a conceited bastard about the reality of his of his wealth. In his eyes, the more surreptitious he could be about his station in life the better──acknowledgement of this fact to those less fortunate would have been in very, very, bad taste. Being a man of strong conservative and old south values, he would never crossed those lines outwardly—it was always honor first…and always!

However—in reality— to some degree within him was a shy amount of disdain for those who station in life was less prestigious: of course, due to lack of his or her personal economic integrity. The southern gent may have come from somewhat humble means; however, he developed a strong distaste for those who felt entitled to ‘handouts” or monies not earned through hard work, and self determination: kind of an economic “existentialist” in a way──or so he thought!

Little could he have foreseen that the infidelities which were to come would challenge all of the above ideals? Nonetheless, the “quiet desperation” within him, of which I speak, was not enough of a deterrent for him to avert a personal economic calamity and collision with the love interest of his choice. It is believed by many in the couple’s tight and quite gregarious circle that the lady of his, soon to be, obsession dropped into his “LZ….landing zone” faster that a stealth bomber—and she radioed in on his radar…that she was coming in “hot”—you gotta be one of the brethren to understand the delight and peril of that! Still—The Colonel was no lightweight, challenges, obstacles, and intrigue was not only his business—but a way of life! Lord—this man didn’t have a clue of what was dropping out of the sky into his “LZ” (landing zone)…seriously! This woman was far from a dalliance or intrigue—she was pure unadulterated, enigmatic, and intellectual sensual stimulation! A better interpretation—the two were a high speed monorail of destruction that fed an odd type of “libertinism”—the likes of which their social circle and loved ones had never witnessed in all their born days! Good, bad, or indifferent the two star-crossed lovers clung to it like a toddler to his “baby blanket”.

If the truth were to be known──before he met his lifelong antagonist…his, military obligation was his escape and his salvation. His marriage and home life was loveless, chaotic, and an utter “bain of his existence.” However, not once did he neglect to perform his duties as a husband and father without responsibility, graciousness, and honor: southern gents seem to have this way about them──the officer and gentleman was no exception to this rule. It was sort of a “good ole boy” way of life. Unfortunately, by early 2008 the ‘quiet desperation” within this, hardened spirit of a “Patriot and Gentleman”, could no longer remain dormant──this emotion had to manifest itself in a very ardent and tempest manner. Unfortunately more forcefully magnetic “forces of nature” propelled the emotionally and mentally forlorn Officer to break with his own “core values,” and subconscious──he had to seek out his happiness, at any cost! He could no longer sustain the sadness and loneliness: which had lain dormant within him for so many years. The hour of change slipped upon the dismayed officer before he himself could have had a real clue of how to avert the oncoming calamity—“so goes life”…as they say.

As a soldier, on the edge emotionally, whatever measures he would undertake to make the changes within his life were destined to be drastic ones…”come hell or high water”! One thing about this quiet and unassuming gentlemen──when he embarked upon a mission he never stopped until the soldier within him successfully completed its mission: be it professional or personal. This guy was a true “maverick”: in every sense of the word! The lonely Colonel would be alone and lonely no more. The once hunted…now became the hunter of sorts! Metro Atlanta became his own personal “hunger games”──discernment aside──the hunt was now on! There seem to exist this certain something deep within the Officer that propelled him to ascertain a filler for the agonizing void, or rather gaping hole, in his soul──need over greed: is a better explanation of it. This Officer no longer daydreamed of a fantasy companion…he now lusted for one! And he would have her, “lock stock and barrel!” Moreover, his sights had been set to “zero”—hitting his target would be a synch—so he thought!

When he initialized his hunt, the Colonel was as stealthy and unassuming as most men would dream. The objects of his intentions never had a clue: at first glance. However, the clever and coy gentleman had this very uncanny and flirtatious manner about him──no woman would be any the wiser. He never made overt gestures towards the objects of his attraction. No, the quintessential player, within him, always taunted and vetted the lady which he wished to bring into his private circle, or bed for that matter: careful not to offend or unnerve her: talk about “sleight of hand”. The Light Colonel often made the possibilities of a “hook-up” seem as if it were the woman’s idea: knowing it was his all along! This attribute he wore like a cloak of amour upon him. Nonetheless, the women of whom he took full charge absolutely adored him for it: finding the attribute far too powerful to resist. He knew it, and ate it up! His pursuits seemed all too easy. The closing of the deal was fast and swift, however, it bored him to no end! Until one day in the spring of 2008—finally—he met his unadulterated match

One spring evening the Light Colonel met a woman that would become the quintessential ‘game changer” in his pursuit of a dating partner in crime, so to speak. In other words…’along came a spider”…Ms. Brown Recluse herself. The mother of a young gentleman he mentored: from time to time, and admired. She was a complete and utter magnetic mystery. He met her, once, by chance. However, how many of us know that in life—there is no such thing: especially when fate is involved? The unsuspecting beauty, though introduced to him by her son, spoke briefly…and paid him absolutely no attention after speaking. Oblivious, the lady Elle had no clue of the fire inside the LTC (Lieutenant Colonel) she very nonchalantly ignited! That Officer was going to get his girl—she was now a primary target of his deeply concealed desires. God help her…because she was, now, up against a force more powerful than nature—a military Officer with a mission and obsession!



There is a movement in the under belly of America. This movement is standing up, and fighting for the soul of this great nation, and that of our “free state” and ” sovereignty!”




There is a movement in the under belly of America. This movement is standing up, and fighting for the soul of this great nation, and that of our “free state” and ” sovereignty!”


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